Bangalore’s NRI-funded police station

Philanthropic NRIs are known to have funded a school, community centre or a dispensary in their native town or village. I chanced by an NRI-funded police station at Frazer Town, Bangalore,  as I was travelling in a three-wheeler from Khammanahalli to M G Rd. the other day. The  name of the family that financed the building is painted in red bold letters on the arch of this imposing kerbside bungalow that houses the Frazer Town police station.

I spent rest of my auto-ride speculating who would want to fund a police station building to perpectuate the memory of the donor family in its native town. Maybe the NRI was once a policeman, or son of a cop.  For a fleeting moment the idea of donor being a reformed person, with past association with the police,  crossed my mind, only to be dismissed as nonsense. Surely, no government would accept the benovelance of individuals with such a past. The building, a bungalow with a front-yard and drive-way, probably belonged to a family that had left the town for greener pastures.  Maybe, the family that gifted the building to a public trust or charity, subsequently taken on rent by the government,  had no clue that that their property would eventually house a police station.   


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