Waiting for VVIP to cut the tape

A public park, revamped at the cost of Rs.90 lakhs, has remained out of bounds for Mysore residents for the last three months. Why? The city corporation couldn’t find a VVIP to cut the tape. Now that Karnataka is under President’s Rule those the civic body had in mind to invite have suddenly become available. But they no longer remain VIPs in official reckoning. Wonder how much longer the Curzon Park on Sri Harsha Rd. must remain closed for public.

Snag is a VIP for you and me may not be deemed so by babus who run the city administration. If I were to pick up a VIP to cut the tape to open Curzon Park (lush with landscaped greenery and giant trees, my shortlist would comprise Salumarada Thimmakka, student Somnath or snake-friendly Shyam. I am sure others would come up with other appropriate VIPs who would be happy to do the honours.

Wonder if you have heard this story on the opening of the Metro rail in Delhi some years back. As the story goes the Metro chief Mr E Sreedharan wanted the Pithampura-Shahadara line opened on a given date, that was not convenient for the Delhi CM. But then Mr Sridharan didn’t want to keep people waiting; and so commissioned the Metro on the date of his choice. This, however, did not prevent the Delhi administration from organising another do to please their political masters. But then the man who was VIP in the eyes of Delhi’s commuting multitude didn’t attend the ‘political’ opening.          


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  1. what a miserable state of affairs..

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