Karnataka MLA in a commoners’ queue

President’s rule in Karnataka appears to have proved a social leveller. An MLA from the party that helmed the state till the other day, chose to join the commoners’ queue at the governor’s janata darshan. No gimmick, this. Like hundereds of others who wait their turn for a hearing, with petitions in hand, JD(S) legislator Mr M P Kumaraswamy, from Mudigere in Chickmagalur district, had come to make a represntation to the Governor, Mr Rameshwar Thakur.

But unlike most others in the queue, the MLA wasn’t there with a personal grievance. He didn’t come for a house site, for an agency under this or that quota, or financial assistance for medical treatment. Mr Kumaraswamy’s issue was that roads in his constituency were in a bad shape and the district administration under popular government didn’t do a thing about it.

That an elected representative, that too, from the ruling coalition, should come to repose faith in the governor’s rule to address long-pending problems in his constituency tells me to be more sensible when casting the vote next time. Maybe, we don’t have much choice, but a party that appears to have got a vote of no-confidence in its governance, from one of its own MLAs,  can’t be counted on doing anything spectacular for the welfare of lesser mortals.

We had a CM who reached out to the villages under his night-stay programme; but it appeared he didn’t have time for listening to his party MLA.  A party that has proven capability to achieve political wonders such as manipulate to hold power with minority strength; to muddle through governance for 20 months; cry foul when the time comes to handover power to the coalition partner; and, this the wonder of wonders, offer ‘moral’ justification for cheating the coalition partner of their term at the helm of affairs.

Mr Kumaraswamy, the MLA, chose to join the j-darshan queue at the governor’s, at a time his party MLAs were holding a ‘brain-storming’ in a resort near Bangalore. Would have thought Mr Krishnaswamy could have gone there to tell his namesake who was CM what the score was. That is, if ‘inner-party’ democracy was at work, at the resort session. And, if Mr Kumaraswamy had an invite for it.        


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