Where Brand Mysore takes a knock

Star of Mysore columnist Dr Javeed Nayeem says a promotional CD, billed The Mysore: pride of the nation , and flogged to unsuspecting Dasara tourists, promotes conmanship. Sale of such items, he writes, amounts to cheating and would only ‘tarnish our image’. The Rs.99 CD is a hash job of recopied illustrations from books and picture-postcards of the Mysore Palace. Dr. Nayeem was conned into buying it because it was on sale at the govt. publications counter near the palace exit.

In his latest Friday column the doctor sahib (cardiologist),  who has a passion for local history and all things Mysore, says the script and grammar in the sound-track of the ‘seedy CD’ is ‘atrocious’; and the commentary, ‘unpardonable’. As a scrupulous follower of his weekly column, I have never known him to have been so strident in print. He has been critical, yes; but not so scathing. For it is not in his nature to use harsh words. Dr.Nayeem has, what I would call, ‘a Lucknavi andaz’ and natural flair for civility in his criticism.

That he chose to use words such as ‘connaivance’, conspiracy’ and ‘thugging’ reflects the depth of his hirt feeling. If production of such shoddy stuff to cash in on Dasara  smacked of ‘a cheap money-making trick’, its sale at a government publications counter was disgraceful.

I wish Dr.Nayeem blogs his columns so that I can give URL link, instead of quoting him further. Star of Mysore , regretably, doesn’t archive its content beyond one week. For the benefit of late-comers to this space, I quote his sign-off sentence. “The government dept. in charge of the Palace’, writes Dr Nayeem, “has no business to allow visitors to be conned like this by unscrupulous agencies that market their sloppy wares under  (official) patronage”.  




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