Putting fun in your blog

Browsing blogs of some of our youngsters I get a feeling I take life much too seriously. Which is, perhaps, why every post by these bloggers attracts double-digit comments while mine generally go widely unread, unless, of course I indulge, as I occasionally do, in step-on-Jones’-toe genre of blogging. So much for self-promotion.

Provocation for this piece is to inform and educate oldies on how you put fun in your blog. A couple of TouTube video clips blogger Nandya posted on his blog illustrates my point. Named aptly, Chalchitra, the blog carries this promotional video for Association for India’s Development (AID), giving a glimpse of the efforts put in by a score of volunteers at Columbus, Ohio, at the city sports stadium during the annual football season. What struck me watching this four-minute video was the fun ‘n’ drive these young voluteers, presumably, college guys and the much maligned software professionals, put in doing mundane stuff like sweeping (floor), steaming and frying (the eats), serving (customers), and counting cash. Director – Leena Ukil. 

Speaking of kitchen-sink fun, blogger Nandya’s own work elevates making something un-rocket-science thing like making chapati into a visual art, ably backed by a cast of four (including editor-director Nandya) and an engaging soundtrack. The proceedings of ‘a sultry evening of wine with roti’, featuring Chandni, Shibani and Konika, is distilled in four minutes on video titled – Hero Aur CMCs. Would leave it the blogger to tell you what this blessed CMC is, if you care to access his post.     


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