How about a Mysore Bloggers Milan?

The idea crossed my mind when he phoned to invite me to Id Milan at the Philomena’s this Sunday. The caller, a local newspaper columnist, agreed it was a good idea, and confirmed his participation right away.

The idea is to have a get-together of bloggers and backers of the Mysore Blog Park (MBP). A Singapore-based MBPer e-mailed he would be in Mysore to spend Diwali. A Mumbai blogger has sent his two school-going sons here to spend time with their grandparents. What with the festival coming up next week, my hunch is the Mumbai blogger might well be planning a Mysore trip. After all, when sons are here the father couldn’t be far behind. Maybe there are other MBPers, notably those in Bangalore, who may have travel plans for Diwali in Mysore.

Wouldn’t you say, it would be nice if we have a MBP-ers get-together in Mysore, say, on Nov. 9 or 10, five-ish in the evening? We could meet at my place, if our numbers could fit into a living room. Or an accommodative member of the local sports or some other club could sign us in as his guests for an evening. How about that ?  


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  1. I would have loved it. The reason I had to stay back is that we’re shifting residences and like all such projects, this one too shows no sign of ending. I am teetering on the brink of lunacy what with the carpenters on the one hand following their own will and the old lady getting fits because the color of the walls clashes with the wardrobe. Still, if I can drum up some work, I’ll try and make it. The lads are due back on the 11th.


  2. Yes sir, saturday would be fine. I am with you on this.

  3. Thanks, Shanks. Atleast two of our friends say they have travel plans for Nov.10 (Sat.)Their preference is for Friday, Nov.9. Trust you can make it on Nov.9.

  4. Hi, Its a great idea to have a get-together for dewali.Please let me know in advance so that i can keep myself free for the evening.

  5. Wow,

    It would be great for you all to meet up. I am 2000 miles away, so whenever I come to India, it would be like a get together 🙂 Please let me know how the meet goes !!!

    Advance Diwali wishes,

  6. Ok Friday is fine will make it. Its always a pleasure to meet up with friends – old and new 🙂

  7. I’m really sorry I’m missing this. Nice of you to organize this, GVK.

  8. Hello sir,
    A really good idea… blogger meets have been organised in Bangalore under the banner of blogaloreans… Such meets in Mysore is always great news

  9. I have to deny myself the pleasure of participating in the what all its intents appears to be an unique milan.Especially for one like me who was educated by Mr G V K as to what blog was all about, and was greatly encouraged by him to take to blogging, it would have been indeed an experience by itself.I am missing, for I will be away from Mysore from Nov 7 to 14.I feel this meet will be the first of its kind in the country and wish the Meet all success.I will be thankful if a brief account of the milan is posted n the blog. Krishna Vattam

  10. Nov 9th? I really am missing something important. I really wish I could have made it! It would have been so fun to know all of you people. Normally, EVERY diwali I come to mysore to Grandpa’s house, but this time, the entire family (excluding me, cause the 2nd PU girl has no Diwali break in tution and bunking is not allowed, and I gotta be studying,), are leaving for Mumbai for vacation. I was wishing something like a meet would happen you know, I am often very curious to meet the people of Mysore Blog Spot. Maybe, another one in the summer vacation would be absolutely lovely, if that could be made possible. Of course, I know most of the people here don’t get ‘summer vacation’ from work, but if another meet could happen at the later date, I’m sure I won;t miss it! 🙂

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