More on CM’s office ‘homa’

Must concede that our CM appears more sensible than some of his party colleagues. Mr B S Yeddyurappa doesn’t seek to justify his arguably questionable act, of doing homa in the chief minister’s chamber at Bangalore’s Vidhana Soudha. But his party chief in Karnataka. Mr D V Sadananda Gowda, weighs in with a justification.

Mr Gowda would have us believe that the rituals performed in Mr. Y’s chamber were in accordance with Indian tradition. “We are Indians,” he puts in, for effect. And those who don’t believe in ‘the Indian tradition’( his interpretation) “are unfit to live in this country”. Mercifully, party chiefs in our country do not have extradition powers. What is not amusing, however, is that persons in responsible position in politics, such as Mr Gowda, should confuse religious rituals with nationalist tradition. He is well aware that India is not the exclusive preserve of those following any given faith, though it may be in some people’s Hindutva agenda, a term amenable to varied interpretations.

Meanwhile, I can’t figure out what our Chief Minister is up to. He has been doing the rounds of temples and mutts, has done homa at his official chamber at Vidhana Soudha. He has paid a visit to his village astrologer near Tumkur. ….More in my other blog.


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