Of an unfilmed Pak movie

Remember Adnan, a blogger friend in Karachi who posted his tribute to late Kishore Kumar? He showed guts, knowing that he would draw flak from tradition-bound circles that consider music not very Islamic. Adnan, who normally  blogs politics and religion, has readership among traditionist Pakistanis.

I revisited his blog today out of curiosity, to see how the Emergency treated bloggers; and, to get a feel of Adnan’s take on the goings-on in his country. Was struck by the strident note in his posting. On the blackout of private TV channels Adnan’s post – Information Age or Stone Age? – speaks of a surge in the sale of dish antennas in Pakistan.


A more amusing post carries the poster of a film visualized by a creative mind that is committed to retaining the sense of humor under the current Emergency. The unfilmed Pakistani movie – Laaga democracy mein daag – has a high-powered cast led by President Musharraf. The movie, in the horror genre, is still being evolved, with a  climax has yet to be scripted. The blogger gives a bollywood touch to the title, for effect.  



2 Responses

  1. I just checked out that blog. There was a picture of a homeless person living in a pipe, reading a newspaper. Adnan’s comment was that we are no different from him because we live amidst a lot of filth and none of it seems to affect us. True, when you think about it.

  2. Check the blog maintained by Teeth maestro for updates on pak situation.. he updates more than once a day

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