Who moved Manivannan’s file ?

I know Mr Manivannan wouldn’t want us making a fuss over his postings & transfer. True, it’s an administrative matter, and transfer-of-job goes with the turf, for IAS or any other govt. officials. Moreover, Mr M doesn’t have a personal stake in holding to or giving up any particular post. His pay & perks remain unaffected.

Knowing him a little, as I do, through one informal meet and subsequent exchange of a few e-mails, Mr Manivannan doesn’t appear the person who views the latest change in his posting status as an ego issue or a punishment. For those who haven’t read, Mr P Manivannan, deputy commissioner, has been relieved of his additional charge as the city municipal commissioner. Admittedly, it’s a thankless charge that doesn’t enhance Mr M in official hierarchy. But folks in Mysore have come to accept Mr.M as the municipal chief, for the foreseeable future; even those who have reasons to feel uncomforatble with his no-nonsense approach.

What ought to concern you and I, who are looking for proper governance in the politics-driven civic body, is the apparent lack of administrative provocation for shifting Mr. M. It is not as if the decision-making babus in Bangalore have found a suitable official to take independent charge. For Mr M’s replacement as municipal commissioner is MUDA (city dev. authority) commissioner Mr V Shankar, who would hold additional charge and function as a care-taker municipal chief.  What’s the idea ?

Maybe Mr M, feeling stressed out as deputy commissioner, wanted it this way. But then MUDA can’t be any less stressful for Mr S. And whether it is Mr M or Mr S who holds additional charge, the job of municipal chief carries the same hassles and headaches for any official who goes for performance, rather than posturing. We know Mr M as someone who delivers. Mr S would need time to establish his credentials in the ‘can-do’ department. Whether Mr M’s replacement would execute his predecessor’s threat to pull down unauthorised structures remains to be seen.

My guess is Mr Manivannan had to go because of his penchant for going by the rule-book. We may never learn of the ‘hidden hand’ that moved Mr M’s postings file. Mr Manivannan may be here today, gone tomorrow. But we, as Mysore residents, have to live with the ‘hidden hands’ that move official files. Who knows, they may well be amidst us.      


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