A horse story

Wilcox Memorial Hospital, Hawaii, is pretty liberal when it comes to visitation policy. They allow visitors to bring in cats, dogs and other pets that are certified by a vet. But Lani Yukimura brought a horse to cheer up his grandfather, admitted in the hospital.

The man brought his animal up the elevator to the third-floor, where the security wouldn’t let them in to the ward. Lani, having made it this far, wouldn’t return without his grand-father seeing his horse. The security, now joined in by a ward nurse, was being difficult. They put their foot down and said the beast couldn’t take a step forward. They however agreed to wheel the patient out of his room so that he could have a ‘dekho’  before the horse was turned back into the elevator, to be taken down to the lobby and then to the car park, this time under security escort.

I heard an interviewer on BBC radio ask hospital spokeswoman how the horse took the elevator ride. “He was well behaved”, she said, adding there was no damage other than “a few scuff marks”. If you wonder how the horse got past the lobby, without as much as a gate-pass,  a local newspaper reported that his minder took care to take in his animal after the staff at the hospital front desk had gone home.

The hospital’s policy, they say, was to inspect all animals brought in by visitors.The man, presumably chose to sneak in because of his sense that they wouldn’t let his horse in; and he wasn’t going to let such technicality get in the way of his desire to cheer up his ailing grandfather by taking his horse to visit him. And how did the old patient feel on seeing the animal ? He had a good laugh, observed the hospital spokeswoman, and then she heard him shouting out to his grandson, near the elevator, “but that isn’t my horse”.  


3 Responses

  1. Loved that story! Bet it cheered the old man up. Wasn’t even his horse! * Chuckle *

  2. Now, that minder showed a good deal of horse sense while sneaking his ward into the hospital.
    A good story – loved it.

  3. that must have enlivened the morose hospital environs..am surprised the country’s alert situation remains ar orange. this should move it up a notch, i guess!!

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