Volunteering at a Bangalore orphanage

Lisa from New Hampshire plans to spend the summer in Bangalore on volunteer work at an orphanage. “This is my first trip to India and my first time volunteering in an orphanage,” she e-mailed. Googling for ideas on how she could make her work meaningful Lisa happened by an earlier post in this blog.

Lisa is among the 60 million Americans who take to volunteer work in their neighbourhood, or farther away from home during summer break. A report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that people between the ages of 34 and 54 are the most likely to volunteer; and they do so for various reasons – a need to help out, do good, give back. Or maybe it’s boredom that drives many to volunteering; a desire to meet new people; or, as NYT report put it, ‘concern that one’s obituary won’t (otherwise) have much to say’.

I can’t help feeling that a sense of adventure, coupled with the spirit of volunteerism, has been a factor in Lisa’s decision to make her first trip to India, volunteering for the first time to work at an orphanage.

Here’s what she says in her mail: I am a teacher in New Hampshire and I volunteer in afterrnoon programs for kids here all of the time.  I am constantly trying to combine children having fun and children learning. 
I have been trying to think of ways I could help the children I will be working with this summer in Bangalore – besides teaching them and caring for them , bringing them gifts, starting fundraisers in the US (where I live) for them etc….  I thought about taking them someplace special… and the zoo idea came about.  that’s how I “googled and found” you!
I was wondering if this is something feasible – of course I would have to discuss this with the people in charge of the orphanage,,,,
I was wondering where/if I could find some type of transportation to rent – a school bus or something to bring the 40 children on an outing.
I was also wondering if the zoo is the place of choice to bring these children to.  I would want them to 1) have fun 2) get out of the orphanage 3) learn something….
If you or anyone you know could help me with this, I would much appreciate it!


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  1. The selflessness and commitment of people like Lisa needs to be admired. I have a British friend who donated a huge amount to an orphanage in Parur town, some 40 km from Kochi.

  2. Hi! Lisa,
    I am relocating to Bangalore and I am interested to do some voluntary work for children and senior citizens.
    Interested? please contact.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Nash,
      My daughter is planning to do some volunteer work in India most particularly Bengalore with 3 friends from her scout group. They would like to work in an orphanage. Are you still living in Bengalore ? do you have some tips, do you know any orphanage.
      We are French and my daughter is 18.

      thanks in advance for your help

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I am in Bangalore by birth and i have been looking different options to help the people in need. I am interested in joining hands in your social service, please contact me.


  4. Hi,
    I am very much impressed with your work. I want to help disabled children. I am a montessori teacher. I would like to work for disabled children. I want to know where I can go for this. I can only work in bangalore.

  5. Shanthi-I have a 9 year old son with severe ADHD. I need a nanny/tutor for him and his 4.5 year old brother. I live in Whitefield (Palm Meadows). If interested, please reply!


  6. Dear sir ,
    I want to join as a teacher for orpanage student at evening time.Day time i want to work in uot side& i want spend that money for them.so i want to with stay orpanage student.If it is possible i want to spend my time for them.waiting for ur answer.My no is 9655584993
    thanking u

  7. Hi everyone!
    Thank you GVK for such a kind description!
    I spent the most incredible 4 months of my life at the Grace Fellowship Charitable Trust in Bangalore, India. Volunteering, living, caring with and for the children at the GFCT opened my eyes and heart to the hardships that many need to overcome on a daily basis. Coming back to the United States was not easy. The discrepancy between those who have nothing and those who waste and complain was and is abominable.
    In the US now, we constantly hear of economic recessions and the current financial and global crisis. Although I sympathize for the thousands who have lost their jobs and are going through foreclosure, I cannot get some images out of my head: The children from the orphanage going to school without shoes; kids handing me an empty plate for seconds that don’t exist; children sleeping three on a thin one-person wet mattress because of the monsoon rain coming into the rooms…
    Since I have been back in the US, I have tried to help the children back in Bangalore. I have created a website for them (http://gracefellowshipcharitabletrust.blogspot.com/) and have organized a few fundraisers and slide-show presentations. I have been able to raise awareness and quite a bit of money for the orphanage. A few people have also contacted me to obtain information about volunteering in India and have since gone and volunteered at the GFCT.
    This is all a small drop in the ocean… but it is a drop that I can make…
    I think about the children on a daily basis, several times a day and I wish to return to Bangalore in the near future whenever I can.
    Peace to all-

    • Hi Lisa,
      My daughter is planning to do some volunteer work in India most particularly Bengalore with 3 friends from her scout group. They would like to work in an orphanage during one month next summer.
      Could you please give us some information about volunteering at the GFCT.
      My daughter is 18 and we are French.
      Thanks very much in advance for your help.
      Ariane Buonanno

      • Bonjour Ariane!
        Je viens juste de lire votre reponse sur le site de GVK…. si vous etes encore interessee par du benevolat pour votre fille, envoyez-moi un mail et je vous donnerai bien plus de details! (lisamorais@yahoo.com)
        Bon courage-

    • hai madam, i am cherry, from Bangalore, i want to participate whatever the activities going on ur organization, through from my helping hand, i want to do work and i want to take care of them every minute, is there any chances like that please inform me madam, my no.09036850617.

  8. Dear Lisa,

    The work you have done is honestly admirable. I was just thinking of donating a part of my salary (Though small) which I am currently paying to the Government in the form of tax, towards the upliftment of the Disabled & Orphans.

    This way I think I could get complete Tax exemption & also I could do my bit to help people who are in desperate need of help. I will definitely give it a try,

    Thanks for your information.

    Wish you all the success in all such future endeavours,,,

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

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  10. Dear Lisa,

    You are just awsome, It take a lot to work to help the needy children. Iam really admired by your work, Its really tough but not impossible you had shown your intent that you can do anything.

    Iam working at Banglore really intrested please contact me at 9008334615.

    Let me know how my help will progress you work.



  11. Dear Lisa,


    I had seen your works and thought to help you ..If you need any assistance in having wheel chairs for the disabled .just contact me at +919866910092

    Thank you.

    In his Grace,
    Rev.S.Praveen Chakravarthy

  12. Hi lisa ,

    Its a very good thing that your helping the needy people………..
    i would be interested to work with u but only saturday, sundays if u don’t mind plz contact me once you reach & start with your work….my number is 9611408403.

    your’s in christ


  13. HI! This is shivaram here who would love to help you in whatever way possible, but in turn i would like to help myself , ie some money in return .please feel free to call me tks .mob-9844042942.


  14. Hi lisa,
    I wanted give some little gifts to these little guys.
    I just wanted to celebrate lots of festivals n birthdays with them.
    Gift them those little things which i could afford.
    I live in banglore and could you please juggest me a place.
    Hey lisa keep up the good work going…

  15. Thank you all for all of your interest and support. Thanks GVK for your help, as usual.
    My life has changed quite a bit since my last posting – I have moved, gotten married and had a son (who is now 5 months old). I still try to fund-raise when I can and have “sent” others to Bangalore.
    Of course my personal life is making it difficult to be very involved at this point….
    For those who want to help, I would advise you to try to reach J R Dwarakanath Naidu, head of IVT (http://www.ivtindia.org/) It is through him and his organization, that I was able to volunteer in the orphanage. He is one of the most remarkable people I know and is always ready and willing to help others….

  16. hi Here Ranjini i am looking for a job in orphanage institution to lead my life in much more better way please let me know if you have a job of teaching children and taking care of them i have done my B.Com and good experience in marketing industries with many more talents…..

    hope for your reply….

    Thanks & Regards
    Ranjini Daughter of GOD

  17. Hi,
    i would like to educate and help handicapped persons and orphan children in Bangalore. As i’m relocating to Bangalore within a week for my job.

    With regards,

  18. Hi

    i would like to help as volunteer for orphan children please kindly let me know where i need to visit and i preferably looking for the volunteer in only Bangalore.

  19. Hi,
    I would like to help for poor and old age people. please let me know the details.

  20. I am in Bangalore by birth and i have been looking different options to help the people in need. I am interested in joining hands in yourservice, please contact me.

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