Dr Nayeem’s omission

nayeem2I hold him guilty of omisssion.  Star of Mysore columnist Javeed Nayeem in his Friday  piece  wrote extensively about the Doctors’ Musical Nite, but  he made no  mention of Sarah, a local engineering student, who made her debut as stage singer at Kalamandira.

She rendered with eloquence a Latha Mangeshwar number from an old movie, Woh Kaun Thi  (Who was she ?) The show organisers, I gather, were impressed enough to ask her over for their next musical evening.  For a starter Sarah gave a promising performance. 

Woh kaun thi and why did the SoM columnist ignore her debut ?  Could 100_0336it be because Sarah shares her last name with him? I believe  Sarah  to be a victim of her father’s sense of modesty.

Mysore’s medical community provides a forum in Geet Gatha Chal, to tap the musical talent of its members. Popularity of their concert was evident from the turnout at kalamandira. Not only was there a capacity crowd inside the 2,500-seat hall, there was an audience spill-over that packed the lobby as well.

The success of the show should set the medical fraternty  thinking about  showcasing their other talents, such as dance,  painting, and photography.


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  1. Nice twist at the end!

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