Red-circled by the media

Ram Gopal Varma  was red-circled by the media on Monday. Today it was the turn of a woman police officer in Bangalore.  Page One images in Bangalore Mirror shows  Sub-inspector Shilpa chatting on her cell while on bandobast duty at the funeral of Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan who went down fighting terrorist in Mumbai’s Taj Hotel.

It was an occasion for solemnity and silent reflection; and Ms Shilpa’s unpardonable lack of sensitivity is evident from the pictures in the media , red-circled for effect. On such occasions we refrain from instrusive use of cell phone, not because there is a law against it, but out of consideration for mourners in the gathering .

scan1The police sub-inspector was there on duty; and it is conceivable that she might have had to make or take a call in the line of duty. But then she could have gone about it discreetly,  by moving away to a corner to use her cell. The sub-inspector deserved the red-circling by the media; but does it have to be so  blatant as to make a cover story of it , with screamer headline?


One Response

  1. Oh.. we are back into business as I myself wrote in my blog.. We will be fed by the media and we shall suffice our hunger….and the terrorists will continue their rampage

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