Calling IIT alumni

Every IIT could adopt a slum or cluster of villages, with development levels that are lower than the national average. The adopted area could then become a development laboratory.  And to implement socio-economic programmes  in the  development lab s   IITs could draw on the talents and financial support of their alumni.  This would be their  guru dakshina, suggests Prof.Kalyan Singhal,  an IIT-Bombay alumnus.

Other suggestions:  1)  Cost of  IIT undergraduate eductaion should be treated as student loans;  and, on graduation,  a percentage of  their earnings should go towards repayment of  loans.

2)   IITs could however  waive loan repayment in the case of students  who choose to do post-graduate work leading to Ph.D.   Pursuit of  intergrated solutions to the problems of villages and slums  should provide ideas for fresh areas of research.

3)  To promote,  what Prof. Singhal calls,  a  culture of innovation,  every engineering and polytechnic student could be asked to undertake intensive interviews with atleast two low-income families.  Based on their findings the students could propose ways to raise socio-economic well- being of these families.

According to Prof.Sighal,  such engagementof undergraduate students  with society would create a vibrant learning environment and help them  become better engineers, reserachers, managers and entrepreneurs. The professor has more on this in The Hindu edit-page article – Towards a renaissance of the IITs. Writer can be contacted at


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  1. I so agree..

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