Where’s ‘Satyam’ Raju ?

100_0575_00It is a question to which no one appears to have an  answer. CNBC-TV 18 reporter in Hyderabad who raised the  question with the police was told that in the absence of  anyone filing an FIR they weren’t really looking for Sri Ramalinga Raju of Satyam.  On the morning after the newsbreak on the Rs.7,000 crore scam a media report quoting PTI said  Mr Raju is believed to have left for the US in connection with a court case.

Sounds a bit thick, doesn’t it? That someone who just dropped a ton of bricks on his company’s 50,000 emloyees and shareholders  should scoot off  to meet his  legal obigation to a court in the US.

 If  indeed Mr Raju  is such a respector of the legal process his primary obligation would have been to be on hand to help the authorities in investigating the mega-buck mess he has caused.   Anyway, I don’t think Mr Raju can afford to stay away for long.

A more pertinent point here is:  Shouldn’t the police have kept track of  Mr Raju,  even if no one had filed an FIR?  Surely, the police or the economic offences wing persons, aren’t that dim as not to see a cognizable offence in Mr Raju’s confessional  statement.  Isn’t there, or shouldn’t there be,  provision for anticipatory  custody of white-collar crime suspects ?


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