‘Myrum’ is a state brew

scan00012Karnataka’s  state sponsored  liquor  made in Mandya sugar company would be out in the market by the time you get to read this post.  Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa would formally release the liquor (Feb13) at Mysugar factory in Mandya,  according to a report in Star of Mysore.  Mysugar, the state’s oldest sugar unit, has been licensed to make rum, whiskey and brandy,  after it  ran into a spot of bother with the state pollution control board. They  had ordered its  closure  for alleged breach of pollution control guidelines.

Mysugar unit apparantly had no problem obtaining liquor licence because the state government viewed it as a way to curb hooch  consumption. ‘Myliquor’,  they say,  would be relatively low-priced to compete with hooch sales.


One Response

  1. good thing they did not call it myrum – it would not have had much sales in TN & kerala. for it would mean hair (myr) when uttered after a couple of pegs..

    but then i may be wrong, they drink anything with the smallest trace of c2h50h in those places…

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