Leaving Dubai

Dubai is, perhaps, the last place with which I would have associated global recession,  had I not read Paul Lewis in The Guardian.  Excerpts:  At the (Dubai) airport, hundreds of cars have apparently been abandoned in recent weeks. Keys are left in the ignition and maxed out credit cards and apology letters in the glove box. 

Such is the fate of Brit  expats who become victims of the economic meltdown.  The plight of construction workers from India,  Pakistan and Bangladesh is more unimaginable.  They leave,  only with the clothes they are in,  and with their debts following them  home. Most of them had sold their land in the village and borrowed money to meet the airfare and agent’s fee.

The Guardian article quotes the site manager of a scaled down construction project  as saying,   We tell them to bring their clothes to work one day and then we send them home

Wonder if  MBP’s  Dubai-based  bloggers and some others familiar with  the region  (Maddy,  Happy Kitten)  have anything to add to this.


2 Responses

  1. I like Dubai, and I hope where realy good. We have o have one place on the world, where no crisis.

  2. It is really sad – the region is going to be hard hit especially with the low oil price and the flight of investment. People who plonked in lots of money in real estate are going to suffer as they are doing to be ‘dead’ investments. just like the foreclosures in the USA a lot of people are going to stop paying mortgages & loans with the drastic fall of home values and vanish..and the woes of the lender banks will only increase…continuing the cycle and taking the region to the situation in the late 80’s where oil was pegged at $20 per barrel.

    As a natural next step, the expensive European managers will be replaced by Indians and where Indian labor was used, cheaper Filipinos & Bangladesh’s will take their place..

    And the number of people selling dvd’s and other services on the sly will increase…

    ah! such is the world

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