Beehives at my next-door balcony

bee-hive-002 My neighbour in our Mysore apartments complex is bee-friendly by faith. His religion tells  him not to harm a creature,  even insects that aren’t visible to the naked eye.  So when bees settled on his balcony he didn’t do a thing to shoe them away. And one thing  led to another;  and his third-floor balcony now houses three massive hives for bees. 

 A beehive on  my neighbour’s balcony door  makes it out of bounds for people.  Bees being bees, they don’t recognise territorial jurisdiction. I have them buzzing around to my balcony,  adding to  my life’s minor anxieties. I can’t keep my windows open after dusk; they zero in on our lamp-shades, even on my back-lit computer screen. bee-hive-006

 Bee-hives at my neighbour’s balcony.  Taking the matter to our residents association wouldn’t be a good idea. Bees, piegons and monkeys have a powerful lobby in Premier Residency, a 60-apartment residential complex. Piegons come to our terrace for their daily feed from p-friendly apartment residents; monkeys have the run of our place. bee-hive-009 bee-hive-011On the last count I could spot eight other beehives in our residential complex.  100_04571The last time a monkey-harassed  resident took the initiative to hire a monkey-catcher,  an animal-rights activist in our block called in the Bhajrang Dal to protest.   If I were to move the bees-matter at our association meeting,  I might have  SPCB squad knocking at my door – that is,  Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Bees.

jeet-002A flowering tree at the bee-ing distance from our balcony.  Mercifully, the bee-menace is seasonal; they are up and buzzing only when  our neighbourhood tree is in bloom.  Wonder where they go rest of the year. Couldn’t get an answer in the website they have created to educate us on bees. I have learnt, for instance, that bees, like humans are diverse creatures – there are 81 known species of bees in Berkeley, California.  The City Council there wants to transform parks and open spaces into habitats for bees.  This follows news reports about the global decline of pollinators, particularly bees.  Other things I have learnt about bees – 1) only females can sting;and 2) irritated bees are more likely to fly away or simply buzz loudly –  stinging is not their first choice.  Reassuring.


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  1. A bee sting can be nasty! By the way, those monkeys can be pretty aggressive, as I found on a previous visit to Mysore. I tried to wave a stick at one of them and he gave me a piece of his mind, snarling and everything. My hands were trembling for hours afterwards.

  2. With all these birds and bees in your complex, is there enough room for human habitation?

  3. An interesting thought, Raji. I was mentioning to my wife this morning that I neglected to count a dog, with a resounding bark, among inhabitants of our complex. Maybe, as you suggest, we, the humans, might feel, after a while, we are intruding into their space.

  4. LOL! only females can sting!

    I guess u dont get too excited while visiting zoos! so many to feast on daily.. so near u.

    nd in America I hear one can complain even if your neighbour wafts “fish frying smell”

  5. Monkey menace. I know it from personal experience. It can be a real nuisance. For gardeners, a real headache – they run all over the little plants, break the growing branches….. not for nothing they are called monkeys!

    Well, they are afraid of a catapult. Just have one even if it does not work. Take stance as if you are really shooting and see how they run. Sticks – they know them. Throw stones – they have the reflexes to avoid and they know their strength! For the catapult, it is really afraid. I don’t know how ‘your monkeys’ are ‘educated’!!

    The nuisance is not present here where I live now – in a busy area. Human habitation with its full flow has kept them out from this particular locality, though we see them as mere passers-by.

    Bees – I can’t comment much as I’ve only seen them hovering on flowers, here. Isn’t that a ‘disadvantage’ living in ‘high buildings’ – bee hives are part and parcel?

    You talk about ‘SPCB’. But we need ‘SPCH’ [humans].

  6. Some creatures are really difficult to love. Monkeys and bees you could do without in the neighbourhood!

  7. Those bee hives look terrifying!
    Surely some humans can get together and form a lobby to appeal to the monkeys, bees and pigeons!

  8. what is a big mess out there!!

    once in tvm,we spotted a monkey,which was not common in our area,sitting on our wall.when we tried to scare him/her away,the helper women at home,started calling him god and started running towards that monkey with food in her hand!! it took some time to stop her and make the monkey run! how about filing a case -public nuisance?but then may have to spend the rest of your life after that! but can try that with your neighbour:)

  9. are they bee violent or benevolent 🙂

    try this one another version to it. you can make beehive paintings… check here.

  10. I had an image come up in my mind – GVK with the clothing that beekeepers wear – the big astronaut kind of clothes and so on as he sits and reads the Deccan herald on the balcony…

    We had to put up a grill to cover the balcony due to the monkeys in jayanagar

  11. Makes a nice cartoon, Maddy, doesnt it. To give it a touch of realism, you could make that The Hindu, my prefered newspaper

  12. animal ‘activists’ take it too far.

    a little smoke below the hive will do the trick, without harming a single bee, the swarm will just fly away. many bee colonies have multiple hives to increase their chances of survival and they will just fly away to the other hive, mostly located about a km or two away.. someone dealing with apiculture will even tell you the right time for smoking out.

  13. I agree with you a bee sting can be dangerous and multiple bee stings can lead to death.

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