Shoe-thrower wore size-8

shoe-throw-021The shoe that newsman Jarnail Singh flung at home minister P Chidambaram at a New Delhi news conference was size-8,  says The Times of India.  The ones  George W Bush dodged in Baghdad were size-10.  Bush, downplaying the incident, said,’ the guy wanted to get on TV and he did’.

Mr Chidambaram was on a forgiving mode;  he urged securitymen to be gentle with the offending scribe. The police let him off after questioning. The Congress party  treated the matter as closed,  dismissing the journalist’s doing as an emotional outburst.  Jarnail Singh himself was quick to express regret for what he did. shoe-throw-014

Shoe-thrower in this image is being led out of the hall  ‘gently’ ,  as the minister suggested.  I wonder why everyone involved has been decent,  and so tolerant. shoe-throw-022 It appears as if shoe-throwing is okay,  and media   activism  has just got very telegenic.  Journalists of earlier generation, when we didn’t have live TV coverage,  reckoned a media boycott or walk out on a minister at a press conference was a daring act.

shoe-throw-012Jarnail Singh and 24X7 news channels  have given journalistic activism a dramatic dimension. I can visualise, in the days to come,  a   ‘jarnailist’  assigned to a press meet asking his colleagues,  ‘what should I wear for the Bal Thakerey news conference?’.


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  1. LOL @ “in the days to come, a ’jarnailist’ assigned to a press meet asking his colleagues, ‘what should I wear for the Bal Thakerey news conference?’”

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