Lisa’s Bangalore 39

Tinu, 7, hyper-active;  fond of chicken biryani;  wants to grow up to be a policeman.

 Santosh,12, quiet; noodles; engineer.

They are among Lisa Morais’  39  children she came to ‘adopt’ during her volunteering stint at a Bangalore orphanage last summer.  Her work inspired others.  Suresh  messaged Lisa, saying he had decided to donate part of his pay for the uplift of the orphans and the disabled.

Other messages : 1) I am relocating to Bangalore and interested to do some voluntary work for children and senior citizensNash.

2) I am a montessori teacher; want to help disabled children…to work for them. Where I can go for this, in BangaloreShanthi

3) I want to stay with and teach orphanage students, doing a day job to earn my living –  Kamal

Who is this Lisa ?  She is a New Hampshire school teacher who did four months of volunteer work at an orphanage in Bangalore. The experience so impacted Lisa that,  on her return to the US,  she organised fund-raising events,  made slide-show presentations, and set up a blog  to spread community awareness about the orphanage.

Bangalore-based Grace Fellowship Charitable Trust runs a home for 39 orphaned and abandoned boys and girls.  The youngest of  the Bangalore-39  is Vincy,  eight-months;  and the senior most is sixteen-year-old Sugandhi.  Lisa lists them all in her blog,  with photo and thumb-sketch of their personality traits,  their likes,  interests,  and aspirations.

Sugandhi, described as calm, caring and helpful, loves noodles, and wants to be a teacher.  So do eight others. Others in the orphanage wish to be doctors, engineers, pastors and policemen.  Maybe,  their exposure to a host of other professionals,  such as scientist, aviators, techies and fashion designers, would widen their worldview.  Kamal,  Nash, Shanti and Suresh would do well to mobilise their professionl contacts for visits to  the orphanage and interact with the children about their profession.

The Bangalore-based volunteers could work with the orphanage trustees to orgnise group visits of these children to offices and factories to give them a feel of various workplaces.  Periodical visits to old people’s homes can widen children’s horizons.

How we connected with Liza

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