This kite didn’t fly

HDK storyPoliticians rely on an obliging media to fly their political kites. This past week,  the New Delhi sky over 10 Janpath was overcast with  kites. When the numbers in the Lok Sabha poll made it clear that the coalition this time was going to be Congress-driven, Deva Gowda’s JD(S) swiftly switched fronts to offer ‘unconditional’  support to the  Congress-led coalition, UPA. 

Coalition politics has a way of giving hopes to parties with zero-chance of capturing power to aspire for cabinet seats.  JD(S),  with a tally of three seats , was in the wrong alliance before poll .  The party  was hopeful (or was it wishful thought?) of a ministerial berth at centre,  according to a media report. The newspaper that reported this piece of poor-selling fiction said,  it is more or less certain that H D Kumaraswamy will get a berth in the Union cabinet

That newspaper reporters can at times be persuaded by politicians to publish  self-serving fib, in the name of ‘exclusive’ news, was evident from the media report that said Kumaraswamy, camping in New Delhi, was lobbying   ‘to secure one of these portfolios,  namely Railways, Forest and Environment or surface Transport’.  This  appeared on May 18.

HDK story-4Three days later came this  headline,  in the same newspaper.  The Page One story read that Mr Kumaraswamy’s  ‘herculean efforts to get into the cabinet now appears a distant dream’.  And the question now was whether HDK would want to retain his Lok Sabha seat, at the expense of his seat in the Karnataka assembly.

Moral of the story:  The politically privileged can have it both ways.


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