To err is human…

My wife and I flew Emirates to the US this time; and didn’t find on board a single gent in flowing white robe and Arab head-gear. Presumably, these guys travel First Class. I wonder if they would put up with the kind of  experience we had in the Economy Class.

boarding pass 001I would put it down to our tough luck that my wife and I were both allotted middle-seats, apart from each other, and in two different rows. It was a 15-hour non-stop flight; and, understandably, none of our co-passengers wanted to give up his aisle seat for us.  And the cabin crew didn’t appear particularly passenger-friendly. The hostess I approached  said the flight was full, and there wasn’t much she could do to help us.  She didn’t even go through the motion of bringing our plight to the notice her superior.

It was only at my instance her senior showed up, heard me out, and expressed his helpessness.  He mentioned something about inablity of the airlines staff to satisfy passengers seeking change of seats; and the airline’s obligation to fulfill seat preferences of what he called club members who chose Emirates on a regular basis. I was a first-timer on Emirates, and presumably, had to take whatever seats I was lumbered with.

Conceding that it was a ‘check-in’ mistake made at Bangalore airport, the cabin crew suggested I could make a complaint and he offered to give me the relevant form to be filled up. I didn’t take him up on his offer. To err is human;it takes a computer to make a mess.  My wife and I had booked our seats at the same time. Our tickets bear consecutive numbers; so does the ‘seq. No’ on our boarding passes.  And yet the Emirates online computer system managed to come up with seats,in the middle on two different rows.

Admittedly, it was my fault not to have brought this up at Bangalore check-in counter, where we got two sets of boarding passes –  one for the Bangalore-Dubai flight, and the other, for our connecting flight from Dubai. Amazingly, we got adjescent seats for the first leg of our journey ex-Bangalore. I had neglected to check our boarding passes for our onward flight from Dubai – EK 225.


4 Responses

  1. Usually the staff of Indian flights are courteous enough to tell the passenger if such a thing happens when 2 people travel together and when check-in happens together.

  2. while in india, i recall that the airhostess made the next attempt to cajole the wrong neighbor to move to another seat and usually her charming smile did the trick, provided that you had patao’d her in advance while entering the plane..
    here in US, i see that this happens all the time, if u do not get a prior seat allocation and it is unheard of asking a person to move. they get very offended, especially aisle & window seat holders..

  3. I hate air travel.

  4. Thanks GVK for bringing this to attention. I just scratched out Emirates from my list of airlines. Of course I do not expect most of the other airlines to be any better. They stink and just look at the financial mess they are in. I do not shed a drop of tear for them.

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