News dudlines

Further investigation by Madison police resulted in the seizure of an additional $9,700 in counterfeit $100  bills, says an Associated Press news report in San Francisco Chronicle.

How do you put value to counterfeit currency ? One would think fake currency isn’t worth even the paper on which it is printed.  A  headline from Deccan Herald –  Counterfeit notess worth Rs.9 lakhs seized .   The news report read,  “The police seized Rs.9 lakh worth of counterfeit notes from a lodge in Srirngapatna, near Mysore.

A news item submitted by a correspondent is processed by atleast two others – sub-editor and the chief sub – on the  newsdesk before it gets into print in a newspaper. A friend and blogger Abraham Tharakan  forwarded a mail citing a newspaper headline –  Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter.   How could he ?  When a reader called the newspaper office to point this out, it took the editor  two readings to realise the snag . The newspaper published a correction the next day. I wonder how the editor phrased the  correction – man kills self, but not before shooting wife and daughter.

The mail Mr Tharakan sent included other bloomers such as: Panda mating fails; vetenarian takes over

War dims hope for peace

If strike isn’t settled quickly, it may last a while

Miners refuse to work after death

Juvenie court to try shooting defendant   This last bit ought to expedite pending cases and help clear the backlog in courts.


2 Responses

  1. Very interesting.
    True, how can one put a value to counterfeit notes.

    We do observe these things daily, but never realize the mistake.

  2. What fun these headlines are, to be sure!

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