Wastage in government

It was Rajiv Gandhi who, I believe, once observed that not more than 15 paise in every rupee the government spent on welfare schemes made it to their intended beneficiaries. Inefficiency, wastage and corruption accounted for the other 85 paise. Over 50 percent of tax revenue in many states go for payment of staff salaries,pay-rise arrears as a fallout of periodical pay commission recommendations and pension account. Neither the politicians in power nor the bureaucrats address the issue of over-staffing, though a freeze on fresh recruitment in government jobs is said to be in place at the centre and many state governments.

Waste is endemic  to  government anywhere ; and the extent of   wastage varies in various countries.  In June last California governor chose to address the issue.”I will not stand for waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars. I urge you to report wasteful practices in state government,” said  Arnold Schwarzenegger in Waste Watchers, an official website that invites tax-payers to report problems relating to wastes in government and share solutions. The  site encourages state employees and other Californians to  report online,  anonymously if they don’t wish to identify themselves,  instances of government waste they may be aware of. The site, however, doesn’t make public the complaints it receives, invoking,  what government lawyers term “whistle-blower protections in the law”.  The website has so far got over 3,400 submissions that have reportedly effected a saving of $24.2 million.


2 Responses

  1. We sorely require something like this. But then we need so many things…One thing I’ve never understood is why employees of government owned corporations have to go on strike. I mean, it’s not as if there is some capitalist pig counting the doubloons, is there? Why can’t they have a sort of arbitration panel which will go into the merits of each claim and adjudicate? The recent bank employees strike – two days! – was ridiculous.

    Some serious political will required there.

  2. Wish this waste programme was implemented in India too…. it would make a world of difference and we may finally be rid of so much waste!

    but then who will make all the grand schemes and cry for implementation if they are not allowed to take a piece of the pie… we dont have an Arnie nor an Obama

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