How many are too many ?

accidentSeven dead,  two rescued when  a three-wheeler carrying them plunged into  Tungabhadra  canal near Bellary.  An obvious question that springs to mind is,  how come there were so many travelling in that autorickshaw ?  We don’t get an answer in this 12-para news report.  In fact,  the question remained unasked by the reporter, even in a subsequent report.

Notably,  the media report refers to a gallant rescue of the two women struggling in water.  A passer-by promptly removed his dhoti and held it out as the lifeline that saved the two women from drowning . Rescue workers  later recovered five bodies,  four of which from inside the submerged autorickshaw.  It was so over-crowded that,  perhaps,  they couldn’t get out ,  and tragically went down with the sinking vehicle.   Maybe overcrowding was a factor that caused  the accident.  Maybe the driver lost control of the vehicle  that plunged into the canal. Passengers,  all women,  were farm workers.  The driver was among the dead.


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  1. Shocking. As far as I know, only three passengers are allowed in an auto. The police cannot avoid the responsibility for permitting overcrowding. Box 3-wheelers are meant to carry goods and not people.

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