What the Herald didn’t print

HeraldOct.25Must thank  the Sunday Herald for the story on the coming TED-India meet in Mysore. It was on TV the previous evening. But then we had power shutdown at Devaraja Mohalla for much of last evening,  and for nearly seven hours on Sunday morning.  Unscheduled,  and extended powershut down  has been a routine in Mysore these days.   And there hasn’t been a word by way of explanation  or   ‘regret for inconvenience’ from the state  electricity  board.  Nor has the local media found it worthy of a story.

Anyway,  the Herald story on TED meet ,  though informative,  doesn’t give  us the basics, such as  the venue,  specific issues to be addressed; nor does it make a mention of the more widely known speakers  such as Kamala Hasan, Shashi  ‘Tweets’ Tharoor,  Mallika Sarabhai ,  Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev,  C.K. Prahalad,  Romulus Whitaker and Shekhar Kapur.

The venue:  Infosys campus.  Which makes the conference a fairly  exclusive affair,  to which the interested  Mysore residents would not have access, without the right connections.  The web-page giving details of the event  doesn’t say whether entry is ticketed or by invitation.

Among issues to be  addressed  are:
*  Which local innovations are destined for global impact?
* Who are the young thinkers and doers capable of shaping the future?
* Can there be economic advancement without environmental destruction?
* Can a pluralistic democracy survive in the face of rising fundamentalism?
* Can we make money and be good? Really?
* What should we learn – or fear? — from China’s investment in Africa?
* Do we have enough water for everyone?
* How do we keep our youth challenged and our aged healthy?
* How can anti-poverty solutions be brought to scale?
* Is there wisdom to be found in traditional medicine??
* Which other ancient traditions can illuminate modern life?


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