A tale of two headlines

How does this remain a secret if they publicise it in bold print on Page One ? And a secret so exposed in the media sets a chain reaction,  undermining the very purpose for which the hush-hush meeting was set up in the first place.  Reading both headlines together tells us another story –  that those invoved in the secret meet are unlikely to meet again anytime soon.

But these are not the concerns of the reporter who broke the story,  or the newspaper that chose to publish it as  ‘exclusive’. The Hindu report credited to Praveen Swami eminently fits a definition of news.   Which is,  ‘news’  is something someone wants suppressed.

Media expose of the secret meet between the home minister and the Hurriyat leaders has had unintended political consequence. But then it  was apparently not so ‘unintended’  for the ‘highly placed’  government sources that tipped off The Hindu.  If the intention of  these sources was to undermine the peace initiative,  they can be said to have succeeded,  with unintended  help from The Hindu.

Those in the business of news gathering would tell you that newspaper  ‘exclusives’ , or scoop as they call it,  are often delivered to reporters  on a platter,  usually by  informed elements with a hidden agenda .  And an  investigative reporter is only as good as his contacts.  ‘Highly-placed’ sources are, at times, known to have used reporters  to  ‘plant’  information in the media, dressing it up as  ‘exclusive’.


One Response

  1. The media’s eagerness to tell any story is frightening, especially when military secrets are let out. We see this so much in US news. :/

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