Why have board exam at Class 8 ?

My neighbour’s daughter in Mysore, a student of St. Joseph School,  cleared her eighth std. exam this year with 88 percent marks.  The school management,  I gather,  wants her to pay  Rs.8,000 by way of donation to continue in the school. Karnataka school system entails  a board exam at the eighth std. level.  And private schools finds this a convenient provision to make money. Every student seeking admission to Class 9, even if  she be from the same school,  is deemed a fresh candidate,  liable to pay not just the stipulated tuition fees, but other charges,  notably, a ‘donation’, payable by new students.

The school people sent my neighbour’s daughter home with a transfer certificate.  She can’t move to Class 9  in her own school without  re-admission.  She,  however, has option to try another school.  Sadvidhya,  they found,  has a 92 percent cut-off percentage for fresh admissions to Class 9. My neighbour who doesn’t have the number can however seek admission under,  what  they call,  the ‘management quota’.

One wonders if the  board exam system  for Class 8 serves any purpose other than help private schools make more money.


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