Udupi Krishna temple

You get to see the deity only through a small window; and yet pilgrims throng  Sri Krishna temple in Udupi in thousands all round the year. You see the Lord through the window with nine holes ; exquisitely carved and silver-plated window , but a window all the same.  A young man on security duty close to the view-window suggested we have a look-see through each of the nine holes in the window, for maxing the spiritual effect.
He wouldn’t have suggested such a thing during rush-hour. Would have been busy moving the queue of pilgrims.  We made it to the temple around 6.30 a m,  on the say-so of a long-time Udupi resident. He said the temple opened at 4 a m and there wasn’t much rush till 7 a m. We went around the the place at a leisurely pace ;  didn’t have to queue anywhere.
Main entrance to the temple is  modest in appearance  in contrast to this adjacent hall.
At the far end of this courtyard is the shed where the temple elephant is parked. It is a no-photo shed, I wonder why. The place was relatively deserted when we were there.  Early morning visitors were either local residents or out-of-towners coming in straight  from the railway station or central bus stand.  They have public bath and toilets within the temple complex.
One could see folks bathing in the temple tank.  Ceremonial floats are held in the sacred pond to mark festive occasions.  As in other temples in this part of Karnataka – Mukambika, Dharmasthala and Subramanya –  lunch is on the house for all comers.  We were much too early, though a kindly lady at the temple  asked us to stay on till 10.30 a m when they start serving food.  Those who make contribution to the daily Annadhana at the temple are entitled to special prasad,  with compliments from the trustees of Sri Krishna Mutt. They also run a mid-day meals programme  that benefits 32,000 students in 132 schools in the area.

More photos on facebook.


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