Mysore gets excluded

Available reports on recent Global Investors Meet in Bangalore do not show Mysore on the road map of  Karnataka’s industrial development.  The most-talked about place in this regard is Bellary, which is in for some heavy investment in steel.  Never mind the environmental concerns.  Anyway folks in Bellary are used to air pollution by way of red ash renting the air around extensive iron ore mines in the area.

Food-processing  is a cleaner sector,  greenwise.  And Haveri district is the preferred destination for a fair chunk of investment – Rs.100 crores – on a maize  starch  plant to be put up by the Gujarat Ambuja Exports.  Bijapur gets food park,   with accent on processing grape, citrus, banana and pomegranate.  Belgaum is billed for a spice park.

Where is Mysore in this picture ? As a resident,  I feel  excluded,  overlooked.  You can’t talk food-processing  without mentioning  Mysore.  What with the location of CFTRI and  DFRL, not mentioning the recent opening of a commercially operational airport,   wouldn’t you consider Mysore  an obvious choice for investors  in food-processing ? Perhaps, it’s not so obvious, if we take into account the role  political clout and  local  industry  lobby  play  in decision-making process.


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