Bangalore, cricketers’ Pushkar

Time there was when cricket was referred to a ‘gentlemen’s game’.  I do think our cricketers are  people, though the Mallyas, Ambanis, Zintas and the Shetty’s would have us believe they could as well be horses or camels bought, sold and brought under the hammer.  If IPL permits their inclusion , the bidders at the IPL  auction  would put millions on trained  cattle capable of delievering  runs and wickets for their team. I don’t know why  Bangalore reminds me of’  Pushkar.

The Hindu cartoonist had in mind a vegetables mart.  To put a spin on the veg. analogy,  I would place Gambir in the onions basket.   Snippets from The Hindu,  gives a sense  of the market moves in  Bangalore’s cricket bazar: 

Mahela Jayawardene was the most expensive foreign buy on Day One.

Murali Kartik who found no takers on Saturday was picked up (Sunday) by Pune Warriors for $400,000.

Brian Lara,  Sourav Ganguli and Chris Gayle remained unsold on the final day too.

IPL commissioner Chirayu Amin said, “that is the reality of the game and life….it’s unfortunate but that’s the way it it”.

Gautam Gambir pocketed the highest bid of $2.4 mil.  from  Kolkata Knight Riders.

In the two-day auction 354 players came under the hammer and 127 were purchased.

No Pakistani was listed in the auction

Murali Kartik who found no takers on Saturday was picked up (Sunday) by Pune Warriors for $400,000. Initially, only 42 among  264 players found buyers.

Owners asked to short-list players from the rejects for a second chance.

Mohammed Kaif : Pune started with the base price of $100,000, but Deccan Chargers stepped in, and finally Royal Challengers, Bangalore had the last laugh at $130,000.


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  1. Uncle: I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You cover such wide topics.

    I love all the unique photographs.

    On personal level, I cannot believe the children have grown up so big and more importantly, I am impressed that they can do kolam!!!!!

    We are planning to use your article about appa (2007) for a book the three sisters are planning to publish for his 90th B-day!!! I hope it is okay with you

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