‘Jai ho’, Jairam, but will he survive Adarsh ?

I don’t see it coming down –  the 31-storey Adarsh block of flats in Colaba,  Mumbai . Chances are,  the building would survive the minister who has ordered its demolition. Not because the environment minister Jairam Ramesh is not right in ordering the demolition, but because he is not being  politically correct in doing what he did .  And the way he has gone about doing it – ordering demolition – without apparently consulting cabinet colleagues or the high command isn’t going to endear him . with even among many of his own party people.   Snag is doing what is right is not necessarily the correct thing to do.

I don’t know why Mr Jairam Ramesh has to be so damn right ; why he should be so obsessed with rules and procedures.  Who  does he think he is, Mahatma Gandhi ?  I reflect here the sentiment expressed  by a  NCP leader  and Adarsh beneficiary  who said,  “Ramesh is trying to be the new Mahatma Gandhi “, adding  “it seems there is no bigger scam in the country than Adarsh’.  The man is right. The environment minister has  to look no farther than the in-tray on his office desk . He would find a file marked  ‘Lavasa’ .  And, in the box-office of scams  CWG and 2G Spectrum promise to be mega serials.

Adarsh symbolises Mumbai’s tallest scam,  with the distinction of having flouted virtually every rule in the book.   The 31-floor  residential building wasn’t meant to be so tall, in the first place. It was flogged as a welfare project for allotment to the Kargil war widows. But, as it turned out,  the beneficiaries included  the mom-in-law of the then CM of Maharashtra, the then urban development department secretary,  several other state government officials, politicians, and senior defence personnel.

The Adarsh apartments are located on the same streatch in Colaba as the Taj at Cuff Parade and the Ambanis Seawind building.  It is a locality  where a two or three bedroom apartment costs anything between Rs.6 crores and Rs.8.5 crores.  And the Adarsh allotees paid  no more than  Rs. 60 to 85 lakhs  for a sea-facing apartment. What is more,  many bureacrats paid for their flats with housing loans generously advanced by some nationalised banks.

‘Adarsh’ , a Hindi term meaning  ‘ideal’,  hasn’t violated legal provisons ;  it has defied the law.  The authorities who processed the files at various stages of land transfer, construction and completion of Adarsh housing unit aparantly did little to ensure that the housing society got the clearance from the enviornment ministry. Did they try to get the clearance and fail ? It appears they didn’t even try; nor, it seems,  did they consider such clearance  necessary. Compliance of rules and procedures are for lesser beings, not for the Adarsh folk.


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  1. hello,

    The very fact that the allottments in adarsh have been made to ineligible people is itself ground to order demolition. The decision to commit an improper act has been taken by the owner itself at the first instance.

    demolition is thus the only solution to such acts of greed or selfishness on part of bureaucrats or corrupt politicians.

    Then only the greedy will learn a lesson. pl see this also .. http://george-easaw.blogspot.com/2011/01/jairam-ramesh-all-popular-technocrat.html

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