‘Sadabishekam’ : Re-wedding at 80

If you are 80,  and stay married still  (to the same person) ; and if your grown up children and their kids wish it, you are entitled to Sadabishekam –   wedding celebration,  all over again,  with the pomp and  ceremony  of the real thing.
My uncle Padmanabha chittappa and Sambu sitti had the credentials , and  got re-married the other day at Pollachi, their home town, in   in the presence of over 300 invitees.  It was an occasion for a grand family re-union ; it was a happy  congregation of three generations of  the  Pollachi family.

I could sense my uncle relishing every bit of  the experience ; and my sitti complied  with the stress and strain of the rituals cheerfully, despite her poor health.  The rituals  included a ceremonial cold water shower,  when three generations of relations line up  to pour pots of  water over the Sadabishekam couple.  The water pouring ritual continued for several minutes, as  sitti-chittappa’s   relations turned up in strength to participate in the proceedings.

A sadabishekam ceremony entails  nearly all the rituals of the first-time wedding  minus the honeymoon. The first time , it was the couple’s parents  who conducted the marriage.  It is chittapa-sitti’s children, and their children who did the honours  this time around. Parents of both – sitti and chittappa –  were remembered on the occasion.  I wish I had asked chittappa how it was for him, when he married my sitti  the first time. A framed and faded wedding photo,  black & white,  hangs on the living-room wall at his Pollachi home. They had no video camera those days.  In refreshing contrast this time,  everyone with a cell phone was seen taking pictures at my chittappa-sitti’s Sadabishekam.
My  Take on the sadabishekam  is uploaded in  YouTube.


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  1. Great Narration.

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