Rupee, getting poorer by the day

The rupee value, on a fast decline, is close to Rs.65 to a dollar as I type this post. And a rupee is now equal to 0.0097 sterling. It was worth 1s. 6d. in the 1940s. An information booklet brought out by the soldiers hospitality committee in Bombay during W W II, describes the rupee as a silver coin about the size of a florin, is worth approximately 1s. 6d sterling. There are sixteen annas, a scolloped nickel coin half an inch in diameter, in a rupee…always test your rupees by ringing them on a hard surface when they should give a high clear tone. 

We had counterfeit coiners then. They are now out of business, presumably, because we no longer carry coins to the market. With ever-rising prices, paper currency, this too, in denomination of Rs.5 or more, is now the norm in market-place cash transactions. Those who use them say you no longer get leather wallets with slot to hold coins.


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