Making of folk history, online

Photographer Anusha Yadav has found us a refreshing  way to record history, by giving voice  to  photos  pulled out from people’s family albums. It’s from individuals and their lives that folk history is made. And with this purpose in mind Anusha founded the Indian memory project – an online visual and narrative.  The project evolves folk history of a community, region or a nation through photographs found in people’s personal archives. This four-minute video, comprising assortment of photos from family albums, gives us a sense of folk history.

A sound track, with haunting music by Roger Subirana Mata, drives the still shots into a moving narrative.  Anusha has taught us a way to turn history ( otherwise dreadful bore) into an engaging subject, even for school kids.

Any family photo, pre-dated 1991, along with remembered stories and anecdotes would qualify for inclusion in the Indian memory project. Clicking through the project’s blog I picked out a family photo at random, to read what the photographer has to say. The young man in the family photo was a grandson of  Salil Chowdhury and the accompanying text related to the life and times of the famed music director.

Anusha Yadav’s  work appears to set my blogger friend C N Ramesh thinking, about mobilizing his Mysore-based friends  to create a photo blog,  inviting Mysoreans to contribute photos from their family albums to build up  online folk history of his native Mysore.  Hopefully, we would soon have a Mysore memory project going  online. I would suggest that Ramesh and his friends make it bilingual – English and Kannada.



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