Husk power pioneers






Gyanesh Pandey and  Ratnesh Yadav  are the Patna lads who, after a stint abroad, chose to move back to their rural roots to light up  Bihar. They have set up in Bihar villages  mini-power units that generate electricity  from rice and mustard husk. The first village where they generated rice husk electricity was Tamkuha, which, in Maithili, means ‘fog of darkness’. Pandey and Yadav have since cleared ‘the fog of darkness’  in 80 other Bihar villages.

Interestingly, these guys returned to Bihar from abroad, with hopes of generating power from Jatropha. But then their  Jatropha initiative turned out, as Pandey put it, to be a ‘greenwash’. When they were clueless, wondering what to do next,  someone came along to sell them a duel-fuel system – producing electricity with a mix of husk-based gas and diesel. But then, can’t husk work on its own as fuel ? Because Pandey and partner raised this question, we now have the husk power system that is lighting up our villages.


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