What it takes to be a writer

Mantri Miscelleny 228

After reading Kushwant Singh, I can see why I haven’t become a writer. Writing on ‘what it takes to be a writer‘, Kushwant in his latest, and presumably, the last book, ‘Kushwantnama’ says, ‘at times you sit for hours staring at a sheet of blank paper in front of you. You’ll have to have the determination not to get up till the sheet is filled – doesn’t matter if it’s rubbish. The discipline will prove worthwhile’

I haven’t made it , because, among other aspects,  I lack the determination to sit through till the blank sheet gets filled. Having made  many attempts at a book, on a lifetime in journalism, I report that i have  never got beyond making false  starts, at putting it all on paper. Doing an article for newspaper was different.  I was used to leaving my desk, to step out for a smoke or stroll, a couple of times or more,  before turning in my 500-word newspaper story.


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