A ‘khalifa’ among towers


Khalifa’ is common Hindustani for anything or anyone who is a master in his field. Burj Khalifa  in Dubai is a master among the world’s tall structures. The ‘Empire State’ in New York is old hat. The 160-floor Burj Khalifa, standing 2,700 plus ft. tall, is rated the highest structure in the world. The building’s official site carries images of other world towers for comparison.

As of now, the Burj  is the ‘khalifa’ among the towers. But then you never know these Dubai’s. They are talking of putting up a structure to beat the Burj  in height. Commissioned in Sept.2009 (not so long back) the Burj Khalifa  was the result of collaboration among 30 plus contractors who employed over 12,000 workers, of varied nationalities. A truly global endeavour.


Photos of the people involved are displayed on the lobby of the building, from where visitors take an elevator, and it takes 45 secs. to make it to the top floor.

Burj Khalifa photos have been uploaded on my Facebook page


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