Retired Times of India correspondent,  and a  nomad who moved house after retirement (in 1998)  to Coonoor, then to Mysore,  and now settled in Chennai.  As TOI man I have worked in  New Delhi,  Bhopal,  Chandigarh and Chennai,  from where I retired in 1998.  Had been on the staff of  India Weekly, London,  The Northern Echo,  in Darlington, UK; and the National Herald,  New Delhi before Joining TOI in 1978.

Also blog at :

OMR Resident

Recycled Writings

Giving it a shot


Purely Personal

Our Pollachi Clan


3 Responses

  1. Dear GVK
    I’m a new Blogger looking for interesting people and you seem VERY interesting! I am an elderly woman living in Australia and my Blog consists of daily comments, all of them in verse. It’s called Rinkly Rimes. As you can imagine, most of my readers are in Australia so it would be nice to link up with someone of a different culture.
    Brenda Bryant

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog. I live in Southern California, USA. Will look forward to visiting here.

  3. Hello, I have nominated you for the Liebster award.
    Check it out here,

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