A piggybank idea

My California-based  grandsons –  Sidharth, 6 plus,  and Nikhil, 4 –  took me to Color Me Mine, a shop where  you colour your own  toys.  Take a toy  off the shelf,  paint it the way you please (they give the paints and brush at the shop),  and then have them  bake and glaze your painted  toy to give the finish and  shine  of a factory-made item.  The idea is to let children customise their toys , with the  colours  they fancy.  Nikhil and Sidharth who have done their colouring of  toys will have their masterpiece  fired in a kiln,  glazed, and delivered  within  a week.

Nikhil picked out for colouring a T-Rex dinasaur, to scare his grandpa . Elder brother opted for a bear with wings, for hit-and-fly attacks on their common target – grandpa. The color-me-mine concept , besides being fun,  promotes colour sense and creativity, and helps learning process among children. They get so focused on hands-on paintwork that their mommy could leave Nikhil and Sidharth at Color Me Mine for an hour so so that she could do her shopping elsewhere at Pleasanton Mall.

It is an idea that  play schools and daycare centre  at residential complexes can adopt. At our Chennai apartments complex  – Mantri Synergy – with 750 flats there are a number young parents  with young children who would welcome a facility that offers  hands-on painting opportunity  such as the ColorMe Mine  initiative.  Banks can adopt the business model  to attract deposits, notably, through piggybank accounts. Canara Bank used to  hand out a pig-shaped cash pots in which children collected small changes. The color-me-mine  concept  can tried out as a marketing device .   Use of earthern toys for piggybanks  by banks would boost  income of potters and rural artisans, besides engaging children in hands-on design and painting of their toys.


Speaking for horses

A Mysore horse, presumably pulling tonga for a living,  is left by his owner to fend for himself on Ramavilas Road.

In stark contrast,  a horse stabled  at the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC), they say, is taken care of by as many as   six persons.   There are a 1,000 of them at BTC.  They are well fed and bred, and now,  they have an NGO to speak for them  –  People  for Animals (PFA). The NGO has  filed a petition in the Karnataka  High Court  challenging a government decision  to shift the Bangalore race course  from its prime location to the suburbs at  Chikkajala-Doddajala.

NGO’s  case:   There is no infrastructure for proper upkeep of horses at the proposed location. PFA,  in its petition,  says BTC has ‘ excellent’  facilities for taking care of horses.

Apparently,  People for Animals  is not  for every horse.

Smart cows of Devaraj Urs Rd.

Morning walkers on Mysore’s Devaraja Urs Rd.  spot daily a bunch of cows in front of Raghavendra bakery, waiting for its owner to open shop. And the first job they do, on opening the bakery, is feed the cows with crumbs and cut vegetables.

Before he opens the bakery its animal-feeding manager takes a walk with a bagful of crumbs,tossing them out to crows, stray dogs and other animals along the way.

The bakery regulars show up well before the shop opens, awaiting their turn for the bakery crumbs, after the crows have had their feed.

But then the birds, apparently  wanting more, hover around the cows. hoping to fly away with a crumb in edgeways.