Beehives at my next-door balcony

bee-hive-002 My neighbour in our Mysore apartments complex is bee-friendly by faith. His religion tells  him not to harm a creature,  even insects that aren’t visible to the naked eye.  So when bees settled on his balcony he didn’t do a thing to shoe them away. And one thing  led to another;  and his third-floor balcony now houses three massive hives for bees. 

 A beehive on  my neighbour’s balcony door  makes it out of bounds for people.  Bees being bees, they don’t recognise territorial jurisdiction. I have them buzzing around to my balcony,  adding to  my life’s minor anxieties. I can’t keep my windows open after dusk; they zero in on our lamp-shades, even on my back-lit computer screen. bee-hive-006

 Bee-hives at my neighbour’s balcony.  Taking the matter to our residents association wouldn’t be a good idea. Bees, piegons and monkeys have a powerful lobby in Premier Residency, a 60-apartment residential complex. Piegons come to our terrace for their daily feed from p-friendly apartment residents; monkeys have the run of our place. bee-hive-009 bee-hive-011On the last count I could spot eight other beehives in our residential complex.  100_04571The last time a monkey-harassed  resident took the initiative to hire a monkey-catcher,  an animal-rights activist in our block called in the Bhajrang Dal to protest.   If I were to move the bees-matter at our association meeting,  I might have  SPCB squad knocking at my door – that is,  Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Bees.

jeet-002A flowering tree at the bee-ing distance from our balcony.  Mercifully, the bee-menace is seasonal; they are up and buzzing only when  our neighbourhood tree is in bloom.  Wonder where they go rest of the year. Couldn’t get an answer in the website they have created to educate us on bees. I have learnt, for instance, that bees, like humans are diverse creatures – there are 81 known species of bees in Berkeley, California.  The City Council there wants to transform parks and open spaces into habitats for bees.  This follows news reports about the global decline of pollinators, particularly bees.  Other things I have learnt about bees – 1) only females can sting;and 2) irritated bees are more likely to fly away or simply buzz loudly –  stinging is not their first choice.  Reassuring.