A Nandi puja on Chamundi hill

NandiI once overheard a foreign visitor asking a tourist guide,  ‘would anyone know how much this weighs’.   She was referring to the  Nandi on Chamundi Hill.  This kind of curiosity doesn’t bug you and I, and the rest of us in Mysore.  Tourists tend to be curious about matters to which we don’t give much thought.

But then a tourist guide is taken to be a know-all by visitors, and he/she can’t afford  to be ignorant,  not just about  Nandi’s tonnage but its other vital statistics  such as   age,  width,  height, the time it took to carve it, and  the number of artisans deployed.  A media  report says the 342-year-old Nandi carved in granite is 25 ft. wide  and 16 ft. in height.

Nandi was in the news for a mahabisheka performed  on the mega idol.  A platoon of priest chanted mantra as they poured  over the head of the bull 30 different items,  including  milk, honey,  curds,  ghee, and tender coconut water.