Mallya brings ‘Gandhi’ home

What were  your thoughts  when you heard of  Mr Vijay Mallya’s  acquisition of  Gandhi’s metal rimmed glasses and a few other belongings? gandhi1I, for one,  wondered what the mahatma would have made of the Mallya deal. We have some Gandhiwadhis hailing Mr Mallya for bringing our ‘heritage’  back to India. Never mind, if Gandhi’s things were paid for with a liquor baron’s money.  Whatever happened to the Gandhian thought about putting ‘means’ above ‘ends’?  Does the end, however lofty, justify any means?  Of course there is a school of thought that believes there is no such thing as tainted money. 

Mr Mallya may be an honourable man,  but a businessman nonetheless, believing in making sensible investments.   Imagine the publicity mileage he can milk out of his Gandhian acquisition. Not long ago, he bought Tipu’s sword in auction, and brandished it during the last poll campaign ,when Mr Mallya was working president of the Janata Party.

We have another election round the corner.  It comes after another prized acquisition by Mr Mallya.  Is he  still with the janata Party ?

For the record, he is  reported to have paid  $1.8 mill to retrive  for India prized artefacts auctioned in New York.  The items that came under the hammer were Gandhi’s pocket watch, a pair of sandals, his metal-rimmed glasses, and a plate and bowl.


‘Myrum’ is a state brew

scan00012Karnataka’s  state sponsored  liquor  made in Mandya sugar company would be out in the market by the time you get to read this post.  Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa would formally release the liquor (Feb13) at Mysugar factory in Mandya,  according to a report in Star of Mysore.  Mysugar, the state’s oldest sugar unit, has been licensed to make rum, whiskey and brandy,  after it  ran into a spot of bother with the state pollution control board. They  had ordered its  closure  for alleged breach of pollution control guidelines.

Mysugar unit apparantly had no problem obtaining liquor licence because the state government viewed it as a way to curb hooch  consumption. ‘Myliquor’,  they say,  would be relatively low-priced to compete with hooch sales.